*At least, I was at the time these photos were taken.

In other news, my cousins (aged 5, 7 and 8) PWN me hardcore. Who needs Shakespeare to compare you to a summer’s day when you have cousins that rock.

Cousin1: “Your head is very round like a surf ball!

No. Wait.

Your head’s shaped like a bug.I don’t know why!

Your eyes are like a beetle’s.

And you have a moustache! It’s like a moon.

I know why you have one.

You have a friend that looks like a boy,

and you cutted his moustache off

and glued it to your face.

And your nose looks like Squidward’s.

And your mouth—“

Cousin2: “It looks like a Banana!”

Cousin1: “Yes! And your ears look like—“

Cousin2: “Apples!”

Cousin1: “No! Half an apples. And your head looks like a ball. And your eyebrows look like moustaches. And your eyelashes look like hairs on your toes. And that’s it!”

Maylene and I entertained them with song this afternoon.

“One, two, three, four, five – once I caught a fish alive! Six, seven, eight, nine, ten – then I let it go again.”

“Why did you let it go?”

“Because it bit my finger so!”

“Which finger did it bite?”

“This little finger on the right!”

I asked Zoe if she knew which finger that was.

“I know! It’s the pinky finger on THIS hand!” she said, waiving her right pinky.

Maylene, being the anatomy student, chipped in.

“It’s also called your fifth phlange!”

My family are cooler than your family, and that’s final.


Queen of Anne said...

Raunchy cousin photos much?

Jokes Jokes, lovely castle dominating.

littel-philow-cat said...

There's a potato chip at the top.

My cousin was like, 'Ate Janelle, why is there a chip at the top?' and I said to her, 'I don't know. Your sister put it there.'

What a lovely story.