Forever Yours

I feel I should probably contribute something to this blog (Toni i swear to god no comments from you) I can just hear it in my mind "about time" or something like that.
I think I have been reading MLIA too much because now every event that happens to me I tend to repeat it in my head as if i'm telling someone but it comes out like "Today...MLIA".
I find this kinda sad.
Today, my dog jumped up on my lap for a cuddle and then proceeded to throw up on my laptop. MLIA.
Today, I opened the cupboard to get the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner fell out and attacked me. MLIA
I have found there are incredibly boring MLIA's because and here is the irony, they are average....
My hand keeps getting stuck to the laptop because at one point I stuck a blank white label onto it so i could write on it but had to pull it off cos the dog threw up on my laptop. Now its left that sticky crap there.
I have applied for a fair amount of jobs and some of these I have already applied like 6 months ago at some businesses. I have not had a job since I applied, therefore, I have concluded I am less employable than before. I.Hate.The.Job.World.
Today I spoke to my childhood friend from New Zealand and discovered another childhood friend wants to be married (presumably to her current boyfriend) and pregnant by the time she is 23. She is 20, I have never been so weirded out. Its like how everyone my sisters age who she went to school with is married with kids. She is 24. I'm all up for the olden days (lol olden days) when people got married at 19 (like my mum) but she didn't have my sister until she was 27 I believe. Kids scream and throw up, why do people want them so early? They say fertility goes down as you get older so that just means you have less of a chance of having 6 kids when you are 30. Whats wrong with that, who wants 6 kids? Stop breeding so early people please.
Someone is sure to disagree with what I said above but i'm just writing away like mad so any opinion could jump into my mind.
Like Love, love is grand. Be in love people.
I discovered today Stewie has a friend called "Chris Drage". Freaky anyone?
Someone pay me to study, then it might become appealing.
The forever anti social so get stuffed, Sarah.


littel-philow-cat said...

"The forever anti social so get stuffed, Sarah."

LOL. You are taking this hermit business seriously. :P

I think about things in MLIA format a lot, too.

Today I waited five minutes at a T-intersection for the green man to start blinking, when I realised the road to my right was blocked and I could have crossed anyway. I told myself I was a rebellious jaywalker. MLIA.

I love MLIA :P

Sarshake said...

Lol was that a true story or a MLIA story?
Lol i thought you were insulting me with the hermit business bit but then i remembered... i run a hermit business...

littel-philow-cat said...

t'was a true story indeed!

LOL yes, I was referring to your hermit business. I'd like to join you one day. Become a hermit. Different area, of course. Hermits rarely get together. But we'd be associated one way or another.

Wow, the silence is loud this time of night.

Sarshake said...

Lol hermits rarely get together :p that kinda gives me some strange idea for a story. Have to make up hermit rules.