A day in the life of an iPhone

Dear Monkey Socks,

Today, I went to the Apple store. I saw many fellow i-products, like iPhones, iPods, iPod Nanos, iPod Shuffles, iPod Videos and iTouches. Along with the i-family, I saw many Mac books, Mac book pros and Apple desktops. The store was white and it looked clean. I wish Tiffi took some photos, but I think she felt awkward if she took photos, I think she already felt like a tourist enough without taking crazy amount of photos. iFonzo was unfortunately not working at the time, or it was working but it was being inspected by a genius, so Chris didn't take any photos neither. Apple geniuses are called geniuses by their collegues, I was wowed!

Apart from the amazing home of apple products (only one in Queensland, until maybe next week when the one in Chermside open, I must visit that apple store too because... I'm an iPhone), Robina shopping centre is absolutely ridiculous. The bottom level's shape and the second level's shape is completely different. Tiffi and Chris stood at the directory for a good minute going WTF. The centre directory was awesome though, it was touch, and you type in what store you're looking for and it directs you with maps and pictures. However the touch interface was absolutely rubbish. So inferior compared to my touch interface, people squeak with pleasure when they touch my surface, but with the centre directory, they groan in disgust.

Monkey socks, I wish you were there. It would have been so much fun, but I'll take you next time. I promise.



Topher said...

aww you even refereed to my iphone as iFonzo! Technically I think its iFonzo II or the second. (fits with the UKness too, a part of the royal family)

I will dress as an iPhone for the Chermside Apple Store Opening. Mostly to try and get iFonzo II shipped back to its home country, and replaced with iFonzo III. Anyway :) it was different, even if I did get asked some very tricky questions and had to do my best impression of sweet and innocent.

littel-philow-cat said...

The Robina Centre sounds interesting. It's not every day you hear the floor-plan for each level significantly different to the others.

Who squeaks with pleasure when examining the iPhone's touch interface? :P

Queen of Anne said...

I hope MS got paid for that blatant advertisement.