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littel-philow-cat said...

Hey Hey Hey QA!

That second last one made me smile. I mean, more than the other ones. Because I like seeing new posts. It's like, zomg, yay! People are yaycore.

Exactly whose finger is that? Y'know, stabbed and bloodied. And why the red thread?

Also also also! I'm still not over Shadow Ninja.

I really need to work on getting an iPhone or something cool like that. :P

Good luck with your campaigning!

Queen of Anne said...

Wait until the next one comes out? Although the 3GS is so much fun/I love how fast it is compared to the others and and and I get to see 160MB to their 3MB =] [sorry thats... trivial and such but still.]
Also I finally have a nicer phone than dear John. FINALLY. After all this time.

And there was another for Voldemort... which I want to scribble "Its You-know-who, you tard [insert cute skull]"

Also it was John's finger. I forget what he hurt himself on. The thread is red for that is the colour of our political shirts. CHANGE! Or Change... as it usually is seen - to the annoyance of '...' haters.

Campaigning sucks the soul right out. Especially when the other two parties have a tendancy to draw enthusiastically aggressive ~/sociable people. There are some very interesting people in my group though. =]