She's awesome...

...for a million reasons, and this is just one of them.

Me: 'I was wearing odd socks yesterday. I usually wear odd socks, or my brother's socks. Today I'm wearing my sister's.'

Jae Tee: 'Are they pink?'

Me: 'Look! They're grey and purple with pink stripes on them!'

Jae Tee: 'Hmm. You know what I've always wondered? Those business people in the city dressed so seriously in their suits with places to go. I've always wanted to know what socks they wear -- because you never know. Underneath all that gear, they could be mismatched or polka-dotted. I've always wondered.'*

*or words to that effect.

In other news, my laptop has been confiscated, which means fewer posts from yours truly (I'm currently posting this from my mobile). Don't forget to feed Monkey Socks, guys!

(What can I say? It takes a LOT to get me down!)