its cold. =[

okay...soo yes jelly friend moment are HILARIOUS :P
especially when you least expect those random laughable moments now they are the best =]
Ahh random 2 photos that were taken today =]

go the huskie beanie xD

Also it was just recently my dear tiffi's 19th birthday and a few of us decided to chip in some money to buy her something i knew she would absolutely love..all the Death Note Manga volumes :P
she literally screamed it was hilarious...of course what was more hilarious was her trying to unwrapped the present :P
i might of wrapped it up in about 20 layers of random stuff...calenders, glad wrap, paper, tissue, sticky tape, brown paper bags, pizza capers brochure and the list probably continues for a bit...
what can i say im a great friend =]

ahhh i dont really know what else to say..hmm...only that it is FREEEZING.....
ahhh nice warm bed is calling me soo night all =]


littel-philow-cat said...

Oh Kory, I adore you. That was such a fun night. I bet you're wishing you put all those layers on you now that you're FREEZING YOUR TOES OFF.

But it was so worth it, watching her Squeak. AND TONI'S COMMENT (which shall NOT be repeated here) was TOTALLY LOL-ABLE.

And the huskie beanie is adorable.

kory said...

BAHAHAH yes a little :P

*wipes tears* hilarious lol

naww =]

littel-philow-cat said...

eh heh heh.

kory said...


Queen Anne said...

.___. Wha... how about if you repeat it in white font?