The cutest conversations.

This evening:
Me: "Isn't [Wink Murderer] that the game where you have a detective who tries to figure out who's killing everyone?"

My bother: "Yep! And I killed EVERYONE! And then my friend winked at me and I died, and then I remembered he wasn't the murderer because I was."
I posted that on Facebook and my friend Samurai (bahaha) posted the following comment:
"LOL doesn't that mean he was already dead before he winked at you? HAHAHAHA"

And earlier this afternoon:
My brother: "Which came first, Ate Janelle? The chicken, the egg, or the hen?"

I would like to take this time to say my brother Josh is awesome. The other day he was playing with Bicycle helmets, when he realised he would have more fun playing dress-up. Hollows from Bleach FTW!

Bleach09_096 mm 088

My brother is awesome.

(For the record, the Bleach image was from and highly likely a screen shot from the anime, Bleach. I do not, in any way, own it. Just thought I’d let you know.)


Jtoasn said...

I have never heard of that game.
But I suppose it would be harder for those who don't know how to wink...
it would be more entertaining though.

littel-philow-cat said...

Only the murderer would need to know how to wink. *nods*. Send out the detective, and if the murderer winks at you, you're meant to pretend to die. After about a minute of people dying, the detective is let into the classroom and is meant to try and guess who the murderer was. My brother somehow managed to win.

Bahaha. It would be more entertaining. You'd have the people looking nuts trying to kill someone. Or blinking. I used to wonder if someone was trying to kill me, or blinking strangely, or just trying to trick me.