Supanova Day 2 Part 2

So here it is part 2 of day 2 at Supanova.
More pics with no title, cause I don't know who their supposed to be. I can guess. But I don't want to be wrong.

So this was me walking around taking random pictures.

So here are some pictures of Jhonen V. at his Q&A.
No film was allowed, so I took discreet pictures which have been cropped. Enjoy!

So that is that. He was really funny at the interviews.
[Inspector Gadget was from a previous question of who did he (Jhonen) like to watch when he was younger, the answer was ...Inspector Gadget)
Girl: Who do you think would win in a fight between Zim and Inspector Gadget.
Jhonen: I hate your question. Next!
Audience: Laugh
In the end he said that they're both very similar, they both have cool stuff in their backpacks, but since Gadget seems to win accidentally. In a storyline sort of way, it would be Gadget.

So I got 2 autographs, one in his rushes sort of 'let's-get-through-these-signatures-quickly' sort of name scribble and one in his very nice beautiful signature.
Sorry Toni, I kept the nicer one.
Although, it's less cleared cause he didn't use his silver pen.

But it was awesome, cause he was just cool and everything, I didn’t say anything much to him, like

Me: *walks up to the table* “Hey how are you?”

Jhonen: “Hello, I’m good” *scribble scribble*

Me: taking paper *thanks so much*

Jhonen: *nods head* No problem


But I got to walk along side him most of the day you know, and he’s cool and slightly off center, yet completely awesome. His Q&A was funny too, he was just really down to earth and witty.

I mean, how else do you expect him to be.

Anyway, after he went back to the hotel and it was emptying out.

What’ll you know, I was working past the Singstar stand, there I turn around and see Vic Mignona and Richard Hatch singing to Billy Joel Piano Man. At least I think it was them.

I took a film of it, but my battery was running really really low so I won’t bother putting it up on youtube.

Then after that Dana Snyder (Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and Dave Willis (Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) came up and sang Michael Jackson Billy Jean (in their voices too)

Anyhoes, by the end of the day, I was happy, had taken lots of photos and such.

I took a film of the cheapness of some people where a stall decided to throw out freebies, quiet literally throwing things into the crowd, I got myself a necklace, which I gave to my dad.

That says "Free" by the way

That says 'more free stuff'

Insert Aww

So yes, that’s all I have to say, and I’m tired and welcoming my bed. Although I have an actual job the next week, I’m glad that its a 4 day weekend! And I think I get wed off too! Yay!

Night night all!!


Janelle said...

Haha, that is awesome. Sneaky photos actually turned out decently.

Question: APPARENTLY, Caitlin (the drawing manga one from school) went to Supanovam and according to a random commentor on her DevArt account, she was drawing on a Cintaq (haha, I'm thinking of getting a new tablet from her later this year for something). Did you see her?

Jtoasn said...

I don't know. I saw a lot of people, and I was working so probably not.
Which Caitlin?

Janelle said...

The drawing one. :D