You know that thing, when you see someone you kinda never liked, and you pretend to be nice, and while you do that smile, wave and 'hi', you TRIP over your own feet?

Yeh I have the tendency to do that. Trip over my own feet, nothingness, the pavement, a particularly tall piece of grass (etc. etc.) when I see someone I know but never liked, and because I want to show them how I'm so much better than them because I'm skinner/taller/have better clothes (etc. etc.), I trip.

It's actually very embarrassing. So much for my own little confident booster hey? Confident level just went down from 100% to 0%... confident levels, Statistics... yeh, I hate psyc1040 and psyc2010. Random stats facts get stuck in my head.

Do you know that you're not suppose to let a kid under 2 years old watch cartoons? Because they'll develop ADHD. I didn't know that.

And do you know how you cure phobias? You keep them exposed to the thing and hope they'll inhibit and get over it. My psyc2030 tutor has to collect cockroaches because her client has a cockroach phobia. The last stage of the treatment is apparently, making cockroaches crawl all over her... GROSS.

Anyway, I have to go get some late lunch, before I get ready for work T__T I hate work. I hate working, I need to study for the goddamn socy exam...

Well, salut.


Janelle said...

Tiff, those moment are what one would say are full of EPIC FAIL.


Unfortunately, I sort of know the feeling. :P