Study Date

Yet again, it is exam time. Not big 60% exams that make you pee yourself a little, but the 20% exams you might be able to sit through. Or I might be able to sit through if I quit procrastinating. Had I not lost my camera, this post might have been quicker, shorter and less time consuming. The thing has gone on holiday and I've a growing head ache from phase, bending moment and shear force diagrams. The only heat treatment I'd like to be studying would be the treatment to eggs, salt and garlic but the intricate world of metal cooking is open before me. Reluctant and yet eager to learn I find myself stuck in a study limbo. Not helped by armloads of chocolate and the word 'holiday' labeled on my mini swotvac [cramming week].
If this all pains me, you'd be forgiven in thinking this wasn't the lifestyle I should be following. I've thought along those lines in the late of night with a cup of tea and some crucial assignment. Yet I am still unwilling to give up the late nights, early mornings and mechanical lingo. "Mushy-slurry" being at the height of linguistic eloquence, it might be the lack of attractive alternatives, but I might enjoy the stress brought on by challenges slightly beyond my teased mind.
To be continued when the academic urge to pee has become more pressing.


rachel may said...

YAYAAYY study :D

ohhhh i need that camera so badly~ i saw it on someone's blog... the photos turned out really well :B
with a bit of the old school lo-fi-sihness


you're WAY too young to be a pedo :LL


Queen Anne said...

I've a whole pile of photos, kinda small but I'm happy ... not so happy at only 10 to a pack but I guess that adds to it.
=O Your friend Ryan has pretty pictures. Except I can't seem to comment and drool. Fair enough I guess.

.__. I'm turning 19, I feel wrinkley.

Janelle said...

Queen Anne, you crack me up.

An academic urge to pee.

And you've made me hungry, months on. Mmmmm. Heat treatment to foods.