Supanova Day 1

So here I am updating, even though I’m a bit tired, I’ll update to tell you how my day went.

Woke up at 4.30, did all the normal things.

At 7.35 I got to Supanova venue, at the RNA showgrounds.

Volunteers got in at like 8 and this was the crowd at like 8.15.

After that, we got our badges and shirts and at the opening of doors, I was handing out show bags to people coming in. Complete with some comic shops vouchers, booklet of the venue and a little timetable. Here are some pictures that I got.

After my first job was done at 11.45 I had to wait till I could go to my next job which was the Madman National Cosplay Championship, here are some pix and I’ll post some of the video I took up on youtube (jt0asn) sorry for the quality but I didn’t bring my camera so it was just on my phone.

After that, I was sent back to volunteers place and I was sent to look after the lines of Adam Busch and Amber Benson, they’re great!

At that time, I walked past the ‘Ace Comics and Games’ little stall that they had up there. Jhonen Vasquez was there signing some stuff, this is a pic I got.

I was kinds upset for a while, cause I bought a comic to get one of those cards so I could get his autograph, but I had to go to Adam and Amber, but they’re really down to earth, and really nice to all their fans, their fans were really happy and not a bad group of people.

Sitting next to us was Hayden Panettiere; I don’t know if you know her, she’s the cheerleader from Heroes.

I kept forgetting, don’t get me started.

At this time, I turned around for one second, turn back and there he is.

Jhonen Vasquez.... going to the green room.

I gaped there for a couple of seconds, and I felt so embarrassed that I felt my cheeks turning red, because I actually GAPED, like a stupid little fangirl.

At the end of the day, when Adam and Amber were done (5.30) I walked past the stand, and he was gone, then I decided to walk around the RNA and see if there was anything that I wanted to buy, unfortunately I was short on cash and I forgot my card. So I couldn’t buy anything, by that time too it was 5.45 so I went back to BASE camp.

Lauren was there; a bit tired but she was hanging in there.

I told her about my little run in and not getting my autograph with Vasquez and she was kind enough to give me the job tomorrow of taking care of his autograph line. After which I’ll be able to go up and ask for an autograph.

Which I’m very happy for, I don’t know what I should get him to autograph; a shirt, a book, a plush toy... I dunno!?

I’ll have a bit of time to think about it. I’m excited though. Toni, if you want me to get a pic or an autograph, come tommorow or send me a msg.


Queen Anne said...

Are you on Virgin? I can text you and what not if you are. Ah sadness. I'm working from 7-2 but there will be uni work afterward... but please do get something signed for me... I've miss placed johnny but I have squee... no way to get it to you in time but still.. oh well. Turning around... I don't even know where squee is... ahhh! What was it like? o___o what was he like while you were gaping girlishly

Anonymous said...

I thought you asked me if i was a virgin I was like ... O.O! Toni... I don't kiss and tell. Then I re-read it and I was like. Oh. No, I'm not.
I bought 'I feel sick' if you want him to sign that, and I'll get him to sign something else for me. I don't know what else I should get signed for me though. Gah... lols. He didn't even see me when I was gaping, the people in line were like staring at me cause I just stopped mid-way in a conversation.

Janelle said...

If I remember correctly, Jtoasn here is on 3. DAMNIT.

Wow. Posted from a volunteer at Supanova. Nice work, lol.

(it would have been amusing to see you try resume that conversation.)

Queen Anne said...

I feel like a fanatic fan... searching for something entirely different, I found my Johnny wedges between some fat magazines. whew. So so so please tell me I can take signed things from you.. and I feel like an over zealous lawyer trying to get the last papers signed.. ahh...

Still, hello!

Janelle said...

Lol, last I heard Jtoasn was at Supanova until today...