Philippines I 141

A fly on my grandma's grave

   Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 064

Intramuros; literally 'In the walls'. Old Manila where once Jose Rizal -- the Filipino National Hero whose stories were rote learned way back when -- fought and was held captive and eventually sent to his execution. Sort of.

Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 089

It's the loch ness monster -- tech-Asianified!

Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 108--

Because the statue is more hardcore than us. It's also the most human looking. I bet you can't tell which one is me now! (cough)

Philippines II - 10 Dec 08 125

Before you say anything: go put on your yellow hat.


Tiffany said...

Technically not journalism if you use the official def they taught us at jour1111 but hey cool pics. typing with one head sideways at 3am is baaaddd. I can so tell which one is you in the one with the funky statue... lol'd at the 'loch ness monster'

Janelle said...

Why would you bother typing with your head sideways though? :PJ I suppose it makes you look a bit air-headed and ditzy as I imagine I do now as I attempt to type without looking.

I'm glad someone found that amusing.

(Also, note the speech marks in title. :P I know I don't know what journalism exactly)

Tiffany said...

I was lying on my bed, head sideways and typing in an awkward position.
It hurts the head.