A Pictorial Update

In no particular order:


rachel may said...

was he lying on the floor, or actually climbing? O:

i wish you guys would all update mooooooore :P


Topher said...

I was just about to say that you did a nice job on the photo, it makes it look like it was really high up. I guess not showing the ground does that since it wasn't that high up.

He did a lot better than I did, screw him and his muscles. I hope he lost skin off his fingers like I did.

Queen Anne said...

I was trying to do the same for Dear Topher but he wouldn't stay still long enough for a photo to come through clearly.

I thought it would have been a dead give away that he wasn't so far off the ground since my camera was butt level. Perhaps that was just a bonus.

There were other photos as well though...

For the record, his manly figures were fine. -Pulsing with manly testosterone and spitting motor oil and electrical wires into the atmosphere. Topher's lovley fingers are far too soft these days, moisturised perhaps.

Janelle said...

I do remember Wendy saying once that she hated to see hands that knew no work. Random point.

When did you guys go rock climbing? Sounds like fun.

Has Mitch seen Tiff's pool again?

And I wonder who Jack Sparrow is.

Queen Anne said...

Buh. I'd be less sour about having to rewrite this comment if the previous comment hadn't been so long and lengthy.

"ahahaahh" - a little stiff the second time around...

But yes, it was a cunningly taken photo. Taken at a certain BBQ at a certain Parkland with a certain group of people at an uncertain hour. You were there.

Also, who is Rachel May?

Tiffany said...



That's bloody awesome.

Janelle said...


How SAD is it when I can recognise someone's pool?!

Mitch would most certainly chuck a fit.

And I figured it was at that Parkland when I saw Tiff's photos earlier. :P. What's this about your new enemy being your phone?