Fun Convos

Just some random tibits of convos... since no one's posting here.

Convo One
A: Hey, let's get married.
B: Okay.
A: Where do you want to live?
B: China.
A: Perfect, we'll open a Caucasian resteraunt.
B: And call it the Kingdom of knocking knieves.
A: Yep... KKK for short.

Convo Two
A: It's a stupid idea.
B: You're a stupid idea, now eat the pie!

Convo Three
A: This is a stupid commercial.
A & B *listening*
[[Premature ejaculation add]]
A: Put those bad performances to bed, isn't that where you're supposed to get rid of them?
B: ...

Convo Four
A: What you eating?
B: Um... sphagetti. But it needs something...
A: Salt?
B: Custard.
A: ...

Convo Five
A: Hey, let's run away.
B: Why?
A: I want to...
B: But then I'll be stuck with you forever.
A: I didn't say I wanted to run away with you.
B: Didn't you?

Hm... random.


Janelle said...

LOL. I get the feeling some MIGHT involve you and your sister but they could also be from somewhere else entirely.

Just wanna say, LOL.

Maree said...

I love Convo 5.