Digital SLR!

Anyone who has heard me shit on the last few months will know that my parents bought a Nikon D60 Digital SLR (see Mt Cootha & the Place of Flowers, Phwoar! and Sexy as for more info).

I’ve become even more crazily addicted to taking photos.

Zac's Confirmation 278

Nikon 570

(Isn’t my brother the coolest?)

I’m definitely not an expert and my photos aren’t even anywhere near good – but the most exciting thing I did last semester was attend a Photography Course offered for free by the guys at Harvey Norman, where my parents bought the D60.

Earlier today, the people hosting the session rang up saying they had another three-session (spanned across three weeks) course (with a field trip to Kangaroo Point) starting in two weeks.

It’s a bit costly – about a week’s pay for me – but it just sounds so exciting.

Should I do it?

I’mma going to have to mull it over a while and think how this fits into my work schedule, too.