Browsing the Weird Stuff section of

As some of you may know, when I'm bored, I browse the internet, do mini researches and conduct experiments with my memory.

Browsing the weird stuff section of is utterly brilliant. I found out that the world's heaviest man is getting married, the world's gonna end because of an experiment that will be conducted in 3 days... many more weird things.

Two very intriguing articles I came across in the past hour of boredom browsing are as follows:
(Do click the links to read the articles yourself)
"Jailed for farting on cop"
"Public Enemy Number One"

I showed these articles to both Toni and Jelly, here are their respective comments on the farting guy story:
"._______. I feel sorry for the man, he might have a genuine issue"
"that's hilarious, how that made the news i will never know."

I can only agree with comments made by Jelly, it supports my analyse of media (handed in today) that the media made the public sphere trivial.

The second article however, I'll post the opening paragraph, you'll have to open the article yourself to read it. I shalt not ruin the fun!

BUBBLY 20-year-old Heidi Dalibor was handcuffed, thrown into a police van and had her musghot taken when arrested recently. Want to know her crime?