Getting on the Bandwagon

Appears to me that everyone's avoiding study to a degree.

I'm gonna be honest, I haven't studied in two days. Just can't concentrate y'know? So what have I done? I've watched Sex and the City reruns, Janice Dickenson shows, Supernatural, whatever. I've been watching TV.

But most of all, I've been tweaking my desktop.
Print screen time?
Window Vista and Mac Leopard had a baby, and the said baby is obsessed with McFly.


Janelle said...

Tiffany, NERD IT UP!

(I lol at the last sentence. I think being constantly connected allows us to justify our laziness. Being social is our downfall. Ironically, being social often means being online. The world is upside down / spherical / Janelle is a hole.)

Anonymous said...

lol i watched the sex and the city reruns on arena, too xD