I kissed a girl

No not really.
The song is just in my head.
And the title is made to grab your attention.
Yes, your attention, your dedication, your desire to

Hello, welcome to another amusing entry by yours truly.

I don't know what I want to say except that...
"Us girls we are so magical, soft skin..."
Yes you know the rest.
We're pretty damn awesome.
I'm pretty damn awesome.
My cousin just asked me to do his maths assignment or something.
I just told him that I can't do maths to save my own life so...
He stopped talking to me.

Hey this song's cool, Smashing Kelly by Matt Willis..
Yes Matt Willis is an ex-Busted member.
So shoot me, I miss them.

Did you know that Jonathan Brown is engaged?
Gr, missed my chance.

Simple Plan concert tomorrow.

I managed to get the correct T-score first try today in my Psyc1040 tut.
I'm so proud of myself.

This has been a post bought to you by me,
The fabulous, utterly brilliant, terrifically awesome, me.
Yours truly,

p.s. I rock, your socks. I actually do rock them, I throw rocks at them.


Tiffany said...

interesting fact!

Simple Plan did a cover of I Kissed A Girl last night lol.

It was bloody brilliant.

Too bad they didn't keep the lyrics, changed it to 'girlfriend' instead of 'boyfriend' =/