Oh how bored I am

My Captivity, Day 2:
I would like to note, first up, that never have I opened up this blogging website so much, and discovered pretty much a new post everyday from those of us failing to study. Clearly, I am not alone. I would also like to note that WOW Janelle you can type a very long post.

Warning to all who read: This day was made up of immensely girly activities and the only reason I am posting this nonsense is because I am bored and people say I don't blog enough. Anyway, to continue on with my story:
Well, as you may have noticed, yesterday I posted a video. Today, to avoid study, I did some maintenance to the good old body. First I went for a walk/run around the house [the outside of the house that is]. Yes, I could have gone off down the street with Aggie on the lead but 1) I dont like going out alone on the streets in case any of the neighbours dogs are out [I don't think I could take on that savage Border Collie up the road on my own and I don't think Aggie would be much use in the protection department] and 2) to go out up the street would require locking Lily and Boo away and then taking Aggie out. Why go to all that effort when I could just run around the house with 3 dogs in tow?
Afterwards, I had a shower, shampooing twice and conditioning (I only shampooed twice because the cheap stuff failed to create the smooth affect I was after). I then plucked my eyebrows (although I finished that quickly cos I'm not one for pain) and then moved on to scrubbing my feet with some stuff I bought from the body shop earlier in the year. This involved getting a bucket from the laundry and sitting in the middle of the lounge room with a towel under my feet. I then moisturised as I have noticed I've been suffering from dry skin lately. I discovered I was really desperate to avoid study when I noticed I was actually using a moisturiser that smelt like mandarins that I got in my christmas stocking last year and haven't actually used because I hate the smell. I used a fair decent amount of the stuff too. I also painted my freshly cut nails. I would like to note the advantages of clear nail polish - people won't notice if it gets a chip in it AND if you go over the "lines". It also creates a nice shiney affect.
Have I bored you yet?
Expect one of these again on Friday [study will not be happening tomorrow as I am out visiting].
To those that I can not be social with: I miss you all.
Signing out,
The Captive


Janelle said...

Funny thing is I've spent my day doing the same things. Today I rearranged my bookshelf (bits of it), reorganised (albeit unecessarily) everything on the fridge (mum is going to chuck a fit! when she finds half her calendars have moved) and cleaned the table. I found all sorts of crap underneath the TV in my parents' bedroom (including tissues - gross - and a Toshiba 2gb USB) and attempted - and failed - to clean things inside the spare storage cupboard thing. There is so much shit in there, I wonder how my parents find everything. There are hammers just collecting dust, tape measures no one uses (also not in any particular arrangement) and sunglasses inside tupperwear containers mixed in with breathing masks. Seriously, what the flip!

All in the name of procrastination. MUST get back to Mate!

Tiffany said...


Remind me to take you shopping for some new stuff. The stuff you're using sound oldd (christmas? beginning of this year? I know the stuff say they expire in the 09s and stuff, but still, you should use new products every half year! It's a scam to get us to buy more, but it smells oh so goood and... yehh)
Anyway, it'll be fun, shopping... just hanging out at the Body Shop for half an hour is awesome.

Queen Anne said...

Breathing marks? DAMN that sounds like an engineer's version of Aladdin's cave... [not technically his] and I'm slightly jealous.

Janelle said...

Oh it's pretty dusty in there. I took out those measuring things we got at orientation. It now sits on my bookshelf next to my textbooks. I find it funny that the measuring tool itself has dimensions printed on. '8m x 25mm.' Lol.