I got bored.

I made this video today.

Clearly, I hate studying.


Janelle said...


Oh, if the products of boredom were always this good...
Good stuff!
Nice way to begin and end it, by the way. With a bang (well, the spray of deoderant and a lick of flames) and a wave!

Queen Anne said...

>=D I like Flaaaames [with a capital f]. I enjoy the choice of muuuusic.

Sorry, this just seems that much more productive than a day of mate.

Janelle said...

Haha, the joy of company (however virtual; can't wait til Exams are over!) and friendship seem to far outweigh the benefits (lol) of any exam!

Studying for Mate seems to get you nowhere. You read through slides and write down rules then forget where they came from (damn not having a textbook) and find yourself having to reinterpret dodgy slides (variables not necessarily labelled, notation screwed up -- PowerPoint doesn't work so nicely with equations, it seems), which is incredibly frustrating!