When I'm feeling artsy...

my room tends to follow suit. I have post-it notes stuck everywhere (for no reason) and paints and pens on my desk and I've been drawing like I've been needing to for months. It feels good to make stuff -- it makes me happy.

My 'workstation' (lol, like I'm doing any work):

I also found another awesome little thing I haven't seen in a while. It now sits proudly on my 'computer' (I use it like one, lol, but it's funny; my laptop is on one layer, my tablet with mouse underneath it, and an external keyboard under that -- I'll take a photo some day).

I think it is awesome.

If anyone can recognise it -- kudos to you!

Oh and anyone who can guess who the drawing is of wins a prize. FIVE CENTS!

This wasn't the entry I meant to post by today but it wasn't ready, and I felt obligated to post something anyhow. xP.


Maree said...

Is it Rachelle?

jarielle said...

I owe you five cents.

Maree said...

Damn straight.