Enact a few of these.

One semester into a law degree and already I'm fantasising about the awesome bills i'd pass through parliament if only I had the chance.

Short Title:
No Dating Before Menstruating Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent pre - pubescent girls from squandering their innocence on pimply fifteen year olds who dress like Corey Worthington.

Short Title: Loud Mouths in Lectures Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent insecure mature age students from attempting to engage lecturers in 'intelligent and adult' conversation during valuable class time.

Short Title: Touch on, Touch off Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent Brisbane commutors from forgetting to 'touch off' with their go cards.
s1. Each Brisbane City Council bus and train carraige is to be policed by an 80 year old zen karate master who will lead commutors through 'touch on, touch off' exercises for the duration of their trip.

Short Title: Titilation in Tutorials Act (2008)
Long Title: An act to prevent desperate university students from flirting shamelessly in tutorials.
s1. No university student shall arrive at a tutorial dressed in a manner that would grant them entrance into a night club.

Short Title; Colourful Cardigans Act (2008)
Long Title; An act to encourage Brisbane women to introduce colours other than grey, black and beige into their winter wardrobes.