You guys are INSANE!

It's half past midnight and the loudest thing I can hear is the creaking of grasshoppers and the sound of my laptop whirring in the dark. I'm not cold -- not anymore -- though I swear to god I knew something was up the minute my phone rang at 11:53 pm with questions about where I lived and how to get there from Quynh's shop's place.

I wish I'd taken a photo; it was priceless. Hearing those guys on the phone -- 'wait, LEFT at the big white building?' 'NO!!! Go PAST it!' -- as they headed toward my place in the middle of the night was the most hilariously mind-tripping experience of my life. Toni even snuck past my parents into my room and did a little dance of joy before realising she was probably going to be crucified if she were discovered, deciding to run back outside to rejoin her comrades, Chris and Mitch, in the car.

'Well, I just thought that since you couldn't come to it, we decided to bring it to you -- 'it', meaning us.'

I have the craziest friends in the entire flipping universe, and they make life absolutely BRILLIANT.

Sorry, I decided I'd just get the ball rolling; life seems pretty flipping eventful if you ask me! Sigh, these guys are INSANE. If I didn't have Google, they'd have been lost on the way here. LOL.