Bobbet 2

So, no one has posted in a while so I thought I would.
One day, I was staring out my bedroom window watching my mum take my dog for a walk. All of a sudden Aggie runs over into the ditch and chases something. I can see something green jumping away from her so I run down the driveway to help mum catch Aggie again and find she has just pounced on a lorikeet [which can't fly away]. So I run back up to the house to get a towel to cover it and Jess and I spend the next ten minutes running around through our bush to catch the bird. No, we don't believe in keeping wild birds as pets but we have been in this situation before - the lorikeet was not flying because it is known as a "runner" which means basically it won't survive in the wild cos all it can do is crawl around on the ground. We have had a runner before [Bobbet 1] and we fed it and looked after it and one day, he flew away. So we figured we would do the same for this one, feed it, look after it and hope it flies away one day.
We finally caught the bird, Jess had to go to work so she handed the bird to me and... it got out of my hands. So I spent another few minutes trying to catch it again.
Anywhoo, after getting a bird cage, bird seed and bird powder mixture off Wade the Bird Man, we set him up to be spoilt until the one day he decides to leave us.
He used to eat off my hand and let me tickle his head occasionally. Then one day we decided to see whether he was ready to fly. So we opened up the cage door. He jumped out the door, threw himself off the snake cage and onto the ground. He then proceeded to jump about everywhere as he still can not fly. Ever since this fateful day, Bobbet has been psycho.
Every time I go near him he throws himself into the side of the cage, screaching. I cleaned his cage out today and he spent the whole time screaching at me [which I have to say is an absolutely awful noise]. Now I'm just hoping that he will decide to fly away soon!
Anywhoo, not a particularly interesting post but still.
I'm gonna attach a picture of Bobbet but I will let you know what happened. I went to take a photo of Bobbet and as soon as the camera was brought up to his height he jumped off the perch and onto the bottom of the cage, so I moved the camera down and he climbed up the side and back onto the perch. Anywhoo, the picture might look a bit weird but he was hiding from the camera....


Janelle said...

Aaaaaww, poor widdle birdie. Here's hoping things get better with him. Lol, loving the name btw. Jaime, if you're out there: LOL.

xD (d.w. Sarah, I'm just crazy)

Queen Anne said...

Why Bobbet? And and and if you want a nice big bird cage o.o I've a brand new one. With toys and things to chew on... Shiny almost.

Sarshake said...

thanks for the offer but i have one of wades old ones and Bobbet will soon be given to Wade as i think he has fallen in love with him. Bobbet calms down for him and not me -_- stupid bird. And Bobbet... not sure Jess named the original Bobbet and this one is the same type of lorikeet so it was just immediately named Bobbet 2. Why do you have a brand new cage?