Pi Real Estate Available Now!!

So welcome to 2009, it is not much different from 2008 just one digit larger. The only way that it affects (or effects?, no fireworks are effects this must be affects?) me is when I date things ill have to get into the habit of putting xx/xx/09 rather than xx/xx/08, which of course will take 3 or 4 months to get use to. Anyway back on topic I hope that everyone celebrated New Years in a reasonable fashion, while we were out and about Mitchell and I spotted something very interesting, amusing, witty and obviously 50% drunk which is the best time to move for sale or for rent signs to other locations.

Zoomed in to read the sign

These photos are obviously going to be the round-about from different angles, which is kind of amusing as it's a circle and will look exactly the same only the background will change.
For those who can't spot where exactly this is, I shall use my perplexing Google-fu©

The people who thought of that idea were geniuses, unless they are actually serious and this patch of land is actually for sale, it would be quite handy for those who go to UQ, want to be the centre of attention and like to feel like the world revolves around them.
I might fit two of those categories so perhaps ill call up and get the real estate agent to give me a tour.

There are also other various things you could do with this block round of land most would probably just cause car accidents, but they would be things like using it as a car park. It's round tho so it would have to be a parking spot for a stereotypical UFO as it's the most efficient use of space, and they don't neatly fit in the typical car parks. It would also stop UQ from discriminating against UFOs and Aliens, similar situation happens with disabled people why they get a larger car park which is close to the entry points.

Perhaps placing a series of mirrors on and around it, to make it seem like there are cars on it when there isn't or you could contrive a way so the driver sees their car, but at a different entry to the aound-a-bout.

Yeah its holidays and I am babbling. But before I go here are a few other various photos I have on my iPhone that I wish to share.


Antonia said...

I love the shot of your dog. Lucy is adorable. Also would say you'd have to build the band a house there and we could fight over who gets which turret.

house/mini-castle, whatever.