7 Eleven LOL

It has been months since I posted anything, today seems like a good enough reason.

I won't say too much, just in case it incriminates anyone. I will post some photos, which can be interpreted however you like.

I saw this on the way home from Tiffany's Hosue tonight, I did feel like a Slurpee after seeing it. Any excuse will do.

Now onto the other photos;

Jelly cradling Tiffany's iPhone, like a baby.

Tiffany's Baby.. (she dropped it later)

I get this look a lot.. it is usually accompanied by some less than creative use of the word turd

This one is for the ladies..


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Topher said...

we just got spammed, how exciting.

Janelle said...

We had a spammer. WTF. I think I'd be giving that spammer the same look -- except with a little bit more disdain would be involved.

I look like I'm about to attack said iPhone baby. Possibly out of jealousy.

711 LOL is hilarious.

Janelle said...

Get rid of that 'with'.

Tiffany said...

I took that photo of teaa!

Topher said...

Oh you did? Its a great photo! Let me know if you want the high resolution one, its about 2.7mb.

It really shows how much sugar nish uses.

Janelle said...

I'm not surprised Nish has that much sugar in him, especially after all his petting and the comments he made today. Oh, GOD, they were inappropriate but HILARIOUS as anything.