I’m not usually mushy,

but since she turns 19 in a few hours, it has to be said:

I love Tiffi! [in a non-sexual, I adore you kind of way.]

We've been through so much shit together and I think I’d have gone nuts without her. She's never not been there for me, and she's helped me through soooo much.

I adore her, because she's such a geek, such a nerd, such a loser, such a turd. She's hilarious, clever, witty, and she's become this beautiful little social butterfly with this amazing personality.

To think that when we met, it was her life’s ambition [or something like that] to annoy the shit out of me.

'Am I annoying you yet?'
'Good luck, lol.'
'How about now?'

She never succeeded, and she still hasn’t.

Happy Birthday, Tiffi.


Tiffany said...

Aawww thank you Jelly.
-Cyberspace hug-

Topher said...

I want to agree with what janelle said. Obviously janelle has known you for longer, but I have really gotten to know you better in the last few months and I am really happy that I have.

I am too sleepy to keep writing coz I am not making much sense, but [insert your favourite compliment here] x100