These are the people in your neighbourhood

Shut up. Dana and Maree last night were showing me Youtube clips from Sesame Street. I woke up this morning to find the last one Dana sent me had loaded. I bring you Ben Stiller singing about friends and neighbours:

On another completely random note, I had the weirdest dream last night involving a few Monkey Sockers, most of whom ARE neighbours. I sent Kory an SMS about it this morning, since she was in it, and I figured I’d post it up here. Here’s the SMS. Just imagine you’re Kory.

I just had the weirdest dream. I was meant to walk Josh home from school but it was early so I went to work [which is a five minute walk from Josh’s school], got distracted talking to Jae Tee then was late. And I got to Josh's school and couldn't find him. So I called my house and a RANDOM picked up. Turns out the random was a friend of Maree's [and they were both at my house]. I ended up looking for my brother at your [Kory’s] house. Your [Kory’s] mother said try looking upstairs. I've never been to your [Kory’s] house and don't know what your [Kory’s] mum looks like. I woke up and Josh was standing by my bed dressed in uniform. I was like, ‘Holy shit. I thought I'd slept all day and had woken up in the arvo and you'd walked home.’

The funniest thing was Josh saying to me, ‘So did I! Then I realised it was only 8 o'clock.'

[MAREE, WTF WERE YOU DOING AT MY HOUSE WITHOUT ME? I had a pleasant conversation with this random friend of yours as I walked to Josh’s school.]

Ah. I enjoy my neighbourhood [even if Kory doesn’t actually live anywhere near me], aaaaaaaaaand DANA WAS IN IT YESTERDAY. She smsed me to say she was at my local plaza – while I was at Indro.



Queen Anne said...

Late at night, that clip is trippy. -especially after cheesey tv [about warlocks and gross historical/mythological inaccuracies]

littel-philow-cat said...

Cheesy, but AWESOME. Yay Merlin!

QA, I love you and your timing. :D

kory said...

my house is two stories..and i live upstairs :P

im amazed in your dream my mum didnt try to feed you :P being greek and all lol


i missed out on 11:11 sad...

Queen Anne said...

I suspect this is the only time I didn't do it purposefully

littel-philow-cat said...

Wow. Good work, then. I mean not that you're doing it not entirely consciously means you actually put effort into it... but... woot. Nice.

Kory, LOL. MY MUM DOES THE SAME THING. She always tries to stuff people's faces!