Epically Fun Fails

Tiffany called today, asking me to check her location on Google Latitude. I was still at the Plaza just after work, meaning I had dodgy reception and connection difficulties.

I got the funniest error message. Lo and behold, Google Fail #1:


I came across another fail when I tried uploading that last photo to my laptop.


No, Microsoft, I want you to get the Mac OS up and running just so I can import my pictures and videos.

Another fail was when Dad was trying to reverse out of the parking lot, but he couldn’t see because my kid brother, Josh, shot-gunned the front seat.

Dad: ‘Josh, I can’t see. Take your head off!

Actually, that's got to be a win. ESL ftw. :P


Topher said...

you should have posted where my location was :p
Finally out in the open for everyone to see.

jor-el said...

I wasn't going to show everyone my home address, tyvm!