UQ Open Day, 2009

Topher, Tiff, my sister and I went on an adventure!


The markets were up! I should have taken a photo that showed ALL the stands. That’s just a tiny part of it.



(SOCKS! I was going to get some for JT but got distracted by AUDINA!)


02082009(008) 02082009(009)

We were headed to a talk on the economics of dating when we encountered physicists with bubbles!



I took a long-delayed visit to the SLC (our old home) and found love!



We also encountered corn-starch SLUDGE! Non-Newtonian fluids!



And is it sad that this reminded me of Tiffi, even though I KNOW she didn’t do it? We live in a ridiculously immature world.



This is an old photo, but a blog about UQ isn’t complete without reference to sandstone buildings. Take that, QUT. (Kidding.)


Queen Anne said...

Take that last photo of the uni you know you'll miss. D=

Janelle said...

It won't be the last. I'm inherently a camera-stalker. I'll be back. :P