I re-joint this today. I was originally a member but lost my log in and other such important details. Small things like passwords slip my mind. Highly annoying when one is trying to log into her QUT account whilst a tutor stares at her impatiently. [Mainly because I have a bad habit of walking in 10 or so minutes late {if I turn up at all}]

And really its not my fault I have numerous passwords. Facebook, twitter, hotmail, google, QUT, Spiritus Platfrom, Procura, Sun Systems, and other various devices with requirements for passwords beyond my gold fish memory span capabilities.

And to make matters worse most of the passwords expire after sixty days and cant be repeated. So forgive me if I am one of those people that emails her passwords to herself or write them on a sticky note that is stuck to her desk. [Which FYI is helpful for me and people tyring to log into a secure network ;)] {But from an IT perspective try not to do that... but as I like to point out if I cant remember my password to my outlook how the hell am I meant to get in and find the email to myself that has my user name and password to get in to outlook in the first place? Therefore to be pro active I email them to myself and write them on a conveniently located sticky note on my desk}

The lesson my friends is the following,

Always email your passwords to an email account that you have the password and username saved as remember me so you can automatic log in and can find the pesky little buggers.

Secondly use that damn sticky note. Screw the consequences of some random person logging in as you. Buddy if you want my debt, my poorly written assignments or want to answer my work queries be my guest. I'd love someone else to take on my debt, fail a subject and do my work!



littel-philow-cat said...

Welcome -- once again! -- to Monkey Socks. Good to have you back. :D

And yeah, that passwords stuff really just messes with my mind. I don't want to have to keep changing my password when I start at QUT next year. Hahaha.

communitychannel: Bloody Passwords

Anonymous said...

sadly darling there is not choice. they make you and its such a pain in the freaking ass too!

Topher said...

just have a standard password, then add the month at the end.