Bibles & Bookstores

I went on an adventure today through the city with my mum as it was her birthday. Originally, we wanted to go to Church as my mother is really quite religious – but when we arrived, we found that even the Church closes on Public Holidays. Instead, we stopped by the Book store by St. Paul’s Cathedral.

As I told Maree, the book store is actually kind of cool. They sell Dante’s Inferno, and a book called ‘God is Not Great’, which is an argument for a secular approach to living.

Mum bought a bible, and while she was paying for it, we overheard the funniest conversation as a lady took a pendant of some sort to the counter.

Lady Customer (of the pendant): ‘Is it blessed?’

Sales Assistant 1: ‘No, but I can bless it for you.’

Mum (overhearing): ‘Oh, can I get my bible blessed?’

Sales Assistant 2: ‘You can. But: it’s the Word of God. What more blessing can you get?’

I laughed inside.


Queen Anne said...

I know the store you speak of... my mum had a filo priest friend there years ago. Not sure if he's still there. Rawr.

kory said...

LOL that is so cute xD
your mum is hilarious :P

Topher said...

I will also bless anything you like! just for a small administration fee of $5. This is due to the paper work. But bring me your poor and lame, I will bless them!

Janelle said...

The blessing of things was free, Chris.