Small things.

So, has anyone ever really noticed the small stuff?

I mean the really insignificant sort of things, that wouldn’t affect your life that much, unless you made a big deal out of it.

Today I was working, obviously at work.

It was like 5.05pm, and I was ready to just leave and go buy my cheese.

This man came in, we shall call him Mr.N (Because he is a Nitpicker) or Knit-picker, or Nit-picker whatever suits your fancy.

He bought an item for 2.95 and he gave me a $5 note.

Me: ... and here’s you’re... oh, I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have any more 5c.

Mr. N: Then give me a 10c piece.

Me: Um... I’m sorry, I can’t do that. Do you happen to have a 5c piece, so I can give you a 10c change?

Mr. N: No. You should have 5c pieces.

Me (getting a bit bored): I’m sorry, I haven’t had a chance to go to the bank, since I’ve been here since 9am, and by the time I finish, the banks are closed.

Mr. N: Well that’s not good enough.

Me: Well, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have any 5c coins.

Mr. N: You should give me something though, because you’re ripping me off.

Me: If I give you 10c, then I will have lost 5c, so you would be ripping me off.

Mr. N: I want my change.

(I give him a look, I usually reserve to children who are throwing fits because they want some ice cream)

Me: Alright... There you go.

As he leaves, Mr. N walks out, and at one point bumping his trolley into the register stand... I can’t feel it Mate... and mumbling that people should have 5c to give to customers.

I was just glad that work was over for the day, and that the next day, I was going to go see Coraline for free with my sister, and then enjoy a Wednesday off thanks to the EKKA holiday that the Centre gets. ^^

So when I went into Coles, I had to go get some Feta cheese for dinner.

We shall call her, Miss V (V for voice, as she had a very nice voice)

Me: Can I have, 200g of *points* that cheese?

Miss V: Sure.

(Does her thing)

Miss V: It’s 204, is that ok?

Me: Sure, yeah.

(Walks away and I start to remember that 5c guy)

Miss V: There you go

Me: Thanks... Um... Do people get angry at you?

(She looks at me, slightly alarmed)

Me: Sorry... sorry, no I’m not angry at you. What I meant was... do people get angry at you when they ask for, say 200g and you say 204... do they like say “No, I asked for 200g”. Like, do they get angry at you.

(I could tell she was about to say no, but she hesitated, and thought for a second)

Miss V: Yes, yes they do...

Me: Isn’t it strange?

Miss V: Yeah, it is.

Me: *laughs* Alright, well thanks *waves the cheese* Have a good night!

Miss V: *laughs* Yeah, you too.

Or another thing I’ve noticed.

If you’ve worked in customer service, retail, hospitality or something else... you know what this next one is.

For those who don’t... imagine.

You’ve been working since 9am, a few customers have been relatively good to you, you’re a bit tired and frankly you’re wishing you would be anywhere else but at work, even Uni sounds like a better place to be, you’re not smiling, because frankly you see no point.

You’ve been repeating yourself all day, and wish people would read signs that say important things, so it save you saying them.

You: Hello, how can I help you?

Customer: Do you take eftpos here?

You: No, sorry, the eftpos machine is broken.

Customer: That’s alright.

(You do your thing)

You: That’s $5.90

Customer: Why aren’t you smiling?

You: Pardon?

Customer: I’m a customer here, and you should be smiling because I’m a customer here.

(You wish to throw her things across the room; instead you opt to blinking at her and putting them in a plastic bag)

You: That’s $5.90

Customer: You shouldn’t be so grouchy, I’m a customer.

(You wish to impale her with a pen, but fear that you’ll be made to clean up the mess afterwards)

You: That’s still $5.90

Customer: Don’t take that attitude with me! (Finally gives you money)

You: And that’s 10c change. Have a good night.


So even when people are doing their jobs, and are resisting the strong urges to destroy the things that you’ve just paid for, or from spitting in your face, or from doing other things that they wish to do so ever badly, we are still trying to do the best we can (which is better than what we can say about you)

So why do you get angry at such small things?

Seriously, get a life if you can’t handle, not getting 5c or a couple of grams off some cheese, or even a smile.

Cause when we’re not at work, we’re customers, but unlike you, we’re not complete son’s a bitches about it, cause we know how it feels, and frankly, that make’s us the better people.

So fuck you guys, I’m going home.


A/N-- and no, I'm not actually affected when people do that (referring to the 5 guy), but the fact is, it happens in ALL workplaces, and I don't like it, when nice people, are treated badly, I really like Miss V. and I can't imagine anyone being mean to her.



Janelle said...

"This man came in, we shall call him Mr.N (Because he is a Nitpicker) or Knit-picker, or Nit-picker whatever suits your fancy."


Customers get uppity at all sorts of things. A lot of the time you get customers who are grumpy at the sales assistant, just because they're the sales assistance. Once I was at my work and the other girl there was serving a customer. The customer kept rushing the girl, saying, 'I haven't got all day! I have to go to work shortly! I'd like this done TODAY!', etc, etc, and I felt reaaaally bad for the worker. Just to try keep the customer calm, I started a conversation with her about her work, asking her where it was.

It was kind of sad that she was being so cheerful to me, just because she thought I was another customer.

In the end, you just have to keep doing your best and sometimes let them win. And hope they don't treat others that way.

You get some awesome customers, though. Once I was working a Sunday shift and a lady asked for a nail brush. I went through the stock to find one for her, and when I found one, she thanked me. And even though it sounded incredibly ridiculous at the time, and made me want to laugh out loud, when she said, 'seriously. Not many people actually go through and find things, and with my eyes -- thank you. I don't normally shop on Sundays, and this must have been a sign. God has blessed me!'

It was hilarious, and yet really, really sweet.

And then you get the other random little things people do.

'Look! Cosmos!'

(yeah, shut up, that was you. HAHAHA.)

I want to do a tally of the people who give you 5c coins when asked, and those who demand 10c coins. I've already started a tally for the people who don't read the 'THIS IS NOT A SERVICE COUNTER' sign. [I threw out the tally, though.]

And people don't realise how easy it is to run out of 5c coins when most of the items in store are priced $2.95.

Janelle said...

Just wanna say: you served a pleasant customer todayyy who chatted about her 70s-themed party! I was like, woah, dude, you KNOW stuff!