Random photos I found on my camera (which I lost, and found)

Jelly's just a tiny bit obsessed with writing my name.

The strings! Oh god the strings.

Jelly's laptop... screwwwed up

I thinkthat's actually me there.

What do you think? WE WERE STUDYING!

A typical day in the SLC... To Toni stealing my hair extensions, killing a chicken on my violin, and staring at herself obsessively in the mirror.


Janelle said...


Hey, I like writing out names with a calligraphy pen. I haven't spent over $150 on fountain pens because I hate doing it, you know.


Holy SHIT, Toni looks good playing violni. That's not a random comment at all...hahahaha.

Topher said...

HAHA! Look at the photos on janelles laptop of her posing! :p haha aww she is so pretty when she tries!

That damn deodorant can, eww. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick, its worse than lynx. Maybe that is the photos of janelle doing that :p haha

Janelle said...

I disapprove of your sarcasm. It's making a mess as it oozes on the floor. CLEAN IT UP.

Stop mocking that one can. Is it SAD that you LIKE the girl's body spray that we sell? I roll my eyes at you!