Challenged by a Vampire

There are a million ways of looking at the world. No matter which way you go, something’s always fuzzy. That, or you miss something.

A Challenge 005

On an unrelated note, I challenge you, fellow Monkey Sockers, to take us all on a journey to your favourite place, any way you want. Be as creative or uncreative as you like. Just make sure you don’t get stalked.

Here’s mine. Despite the picture above, my favourite place isn’t my work; it’s just full of colourful wonders in unexpected places. Since photos aren’t allowed in Libraries and I’m too lazy to find old photos of UQ Lakes, the SLC or the Box Canal (of whose physical location I’ve moved on from), I’ll start with my room.

I bring you a tour in ink; click to enlarge.

A Challenge 031

A Challenge 035

Here is the vampire’s humble abode, as messy as ever. (See the box on the right edge of the table? There’s a radio under it. It’s not very neat, no.)

A Challenge 025

Everything but the maths.

Challenge by a Vampire 003

The end. I swear, I will learn to write neater.


Anonymous said...

Dude, your room is awesome.
Looks mad ass.
Very vampir-ish.
I shall take you up on that challenge!

Janelle said...

Woot! If you EVER do end up living in England one day, I would love for your postcards to become part of my wall. :P

I look forward to your response.