It’s Science Week once again and my brother’s class is show-and-telling science experiments! Back when I did show and tell, science experiments or arts and crafts were what got me going.

Josh's science 'experiment' [it wasn't really an experiment and more amateur engineering] involved ELECTROMAGNETS!


Just in case you aren’t aware, electromagnets are what you get when you use electric current to induce an electromagnetic field. In this case, my brother and I used a bolt and wrapped wire around it, and connected the wire to the battery. Hello electromagnet with ferromagnetic core!

An electromagnet by itself didn’t seem so impressive, though, so we made a crane.


I especially love the way items from a cosmetics store made its way into our crane's production. I'm pleased with it, even if it doesn't have wheels because we couldn't be bothered with a proper chassis, or getting material for the wheels' axis. Or wheels. We could have used CDs, even, but meh.

It comes complete with a switch, so you can turn the electromagnet on and off at will. I figured not having one was a bit stupid because it’d heat up too much and trying to pull the wires off at that point would be frustrating.

Yay for paper fasteners and paper clips!


Queen Anne said...

The word verification is again amusing me: defers.

I am smiling to myself even as I point at the home made magnets and go "ooooh"

littel-philow-cat said...

Defers? Hmm. There is no word verification for me at the moment. I feel left out.

Apparently telling people I'm deferring sounds much nicer than uni-drop-out due to re-enroll in 2010, lol.