A Challenger Appears...

Some of you know me already (think "riding in the boot last friday night"). Some of you, I will exist as nothing more than a few pixels, one drop in a veritable ocean of internet.
About me: Engineering student at UQ, Mech to be precise (although I should be enrolled in Procrastineering). Don't quite know how I got there, but like many things my spare hours are occupied with, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I have a soft spot for things that go bang, fwhoosh, whiz, and crackle (or a combination of those). I try to conjure up humour wherever possible, and I have no specific favourite genre in music. I have played 5 different instruments (some seriously, some less so) but have never wanted to 'go professional'. I have a tendency to be cynical, no idea why.

Finally, I've never really 'blogged' before, so be gentle.
Aaand that's pretty much me in a nutshell.
My posts may not be frequent, but I'll try to make it worth your while.

Side Note: I happen to own a parrot, an eyepatch, a ninja star, and an asiany sword. I can only surmise that I am the resultant progeny of some unholy internet-meme-union.

Here's a webcomic that made me chuckle (SMBC to be specific)


littel-philow-cat said...

You there -- ahoy!

I actually have no idea who you are, but since you have a parrot, let's be pirate-y about this. But there'll be no walking the plank here.


And lol, that comic is quite amusing. :D

Queen Anne said...

I'm watching you. Don't be a slack Monkey-socker. I'll shake my fist and the 't' word will be named. Hello and welcome.